Met One Instruments is a heading manufacturer of ambient air measurements and air quality monitoring

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Discover MET ONE INSTRUMENT: Precision Particle Counters for Clean Environments

Met One Instruments AEROCET-831 Aerocet Handheld Particle Counter
Met One Instrument
Met One Instruments GT-324 Handheld Particle Counter


In the ever-evolving landscape of precision measurement, MET ONE INSTRUMENT stands tall as a trusted name. Specializing in cutting-edge particle counters, they empower industries worldwide with accurate data for cleanroom environments. Whether you’re in pharmaceuticals, semiconductor manufacturing, or research laboratories, MET ONE’s solutions are your gateway to quality assurance.

Why choose MET ONE particle counter?

  1. Unparalleled Accuracy: MET ONE’s commitment to precision is unwavering. Their particle counters adhere to ISO 21501 standards, ensuring reliable and consistent results. When accuracy matters, MET ONE delivers.
  2. Handheld Convenience: The MET ONE HHPC+ Series offers handheld particle counters that fit right into your pocket. Lightweight and equipped with a high-resolution display, these devices are perfect for routine monitoring in controlled environments. Troubleshoot filter leaks, spot-check critical areas, and target particle sources effortlessly.
HHPC 3+ (0.5um) Handheld Particle Counter


    • Key Features:
      • ISO Class 5 to 7 monitoring
      • 0.3 μm – 10.0 μm particle detection
      • Single-hand operation
      • CFR 21 Part 11 compliance
      • PC access via Ethernet, USB, or cable
    • Explore the MET ONE HHPC+ Series models.
  1. Aerocet 831: Need real-time air quality monitoring? The Aerocet 831 is your go-to solution. It provides simultaneous readings for PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, and TSP (total suspended particulates). Within a minute, you’ll have actionable data at your fingertips.
  2. MET ONE 6000: Compact and flexible, the MET ONE 6000 caters to cleanroom environments in pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and more. Its customizable sizing, flow rate, and communication options ensure seamless particle monitoring.
    • Explore the MET ONE 6000.
  3. MET ONE 7000: For cGMP/FDA compliance, the MET ONE 7000 shines. Its stainless steel, wash-down-resistant enclosure and VHP-tolerant optics make it ideal for sterile pharmaceutical production environments.
    • Discover the MET ONE 7000.


MET ONE INSTRUMENT’s commitment to excellence extends beyond particle counters. It’s a promise of precision, reliability, and innovation. When quality matters, choose MET ONE.


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