LabTech Spectrophotometer

LabTech Spectrophotometer

LabTech Spectrophotometer is a analytical Instrument that based on the analysis of the spectrum of light for daily routine QA/QC analysis, production analysis, as well as for more specialized applications.

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LabTech Spectrophotometer. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to the LabTech LBP100C UV Power UV/Vis Spectrophotometer, a state-of-the-art instrument that’s redefining the standards of spectrophotometric analysis.

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The LabTech LBP100C is a real double-beam system that guarantees high performance thanks to its high integration 32Bit CPU. This powerful system is designed to meet the diverse needs of environmental, pharmaceutical, life science, agricultural, and clinical laboratories.

One of the standout features of the LabTech LBP100C is its five kinds of slits: 0.5nm, 1nm, 2nm, 3nm, and 5nm. This flexibility allows for a wide range of applications, from routine QA/QC analysis and production analysis to more specialized applications.

The LabTech LBP100C also boasts quartz coated and sealed optics that prevent corrosion from the environment, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the instrument. Plus, its light sources automatically record the working time1, providing valuable data for your analyses.

But that’s not all. The LabTech LBP100C is equipped with an automated six-coupled cell that significantly shortens the sample replacement time, enhancing the efficiency of your laboratory operations. Its intellectual auto-checking function of the software is convenient for trouble shooting and maintenance.

Whether you’re looking for a standalone system or a system with separate PC controllers, the LabTech LBP100C UV Power UV/Vis Spectrophotometer has you covered. Its streamline surface protects sample splashes into the internal space1, ensuring the cleanliness and safety of your lab environment.

In conclusion, the LabTech LBP100C UV Power UV/Vis Spectrophotometer is more than just a spectrophotometer. It’s a powerful, reliable, and efficient tool that’s ready to take your laboratory operations to the next level. Experience the difference today with the LabTech Spectrophotometer.


Bandwidth: 0.5nm / 1nm / 2nm / 3nm / 5nm

Optical System: Double beam , C-T monochromator, holographic grating

Wavelength Range: 190 ~1100nm

Photometric Method: Transmittance, Absorbance, Energy

Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.3nm

Wavelength Repeatability: ±0.1nm

Absorbance Range: -3 ~ 3Abs

Photometric Accuracy: ±0.002A (0 ~ 0.5A), ±0.004A (0.5 ~ 1A),  ±0.3%T

Photometric Repeatability: ≤0.001A (0 ~ 0.5A), ≤0.002A (0.5 ~ 1A),  ±0.1%T

Wavelength Scan Speed: Adjustable (Fast, Middle, Low)

Stray Light: ≤0.03% T

Baseline Straightness: ±0.001A

Drift: ≤0.0002A/h (500nm, 0A)

Noise: ±0.0002A (500nm, P-P)

Detector: Si-Photodiode

Light Source: Halogen tungsten lamp / Deuterium lamp (Auto-switch)

Cell Holder: Automatic six-position cell holder

Display: 320 × 240 pixel, LCD

Control Mode: PC control or Local control

Dimensions (WxDxH) Inch: 20x19x10

Weight Lbs: 49

Reference: Spectrophotometer

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