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ACTION PUMP  is a top manufacturer of drum and pail pumps along with grease, oil, and lube transfer systems. They carry even more pumps than it is possible to show online. The company designs custom pumps too!

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Discover the Excellence of Action Pump

In the world of fluid handling equipment, Action Pump stands as a beacon of quality and reliability. This article introduces you to the superior range of products offered by Action Pump, a leading name in the industry.

What is Action Pump?

Action Pump is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality pumps designed for a variety of applications. From industrial needs to commercial uses, Action Pump offers a diverse range of solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Why Choose Action Pump?

When it comes to choosing a pump, there are several reasons why professionals prefer Action Pump:

  1. Superior Quality: Action Pump products are known for their exceptional quality. Each pump is designed with precision and built to last, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.
  2. Wide Range: Whether you need a drum pump, piston pump, or a siphon pump, Action Pump has got you covered. Their extensive product range caters to diverse needs, making them a one-stop solution for all your pump requirements.
  3. Innovation: Action Pump is committed to innovation. They continually invest in research and development to bring you the latest in pump technology.
  4. Customer Service: Action Pump prides itself on its excellent customer service. Their team is always ready to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have about their products.

Here are some specific products offered by Action Pump:

  1. Stainless Steel Lever Action Pump: This is a high-quality barrel pump designed to dispense liquid from pails, drums, and totes, including acids, chemicals, and fuels.
  2. Piston Pumps: Action Pump offers a variety of piston pumps, including:
  3. Electric Pumps: Action Pump also offers electric pumps, such as the 12 Volt DC Pump – High Flow.

Please note that for more specific technical details, it’s best to refer to the product manual or contact the manufacturer directly. The information provided here is based on general product descriptions and may vary depending on the specific model of the Action Pump product.


In conclusion, Action Pump is more than just a pump manufacturer. It’s a trusted partner that ensures the success of your operations. With its commitment to quality, wide product range, innovative approach, and excellent customer service, Action Pump sets the standard in the pump industry.

So, when it comes to pumps, don’t just settle for any pump. Choose Action Pump – the pump that delivers.

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